Below the streets of Toronto is a marvel of engineering called PATH – a network of underground shopping malls, subway stations and pathways that provide shelter from harsh winter weather

Underground pathway for shopping convenience for 30 kilometers, connecting  18 buildings, 1,200 retail outlets and accommodating 200,000 people daily making it the world’s largest underground shopping mall. There are plans underway to extend the underground path to 60 kilometers. I had a friend who lived in an apartment in 20 story condominium building that had a subway station and a large grocery store in the basement. He traveled by subway to work and back, did the grocery shopping in the building on the way home and never went outside. So, in the winter when the sun rises at 8:00 am at sets at 4:30 he never saw daylight during the week.

The Pacific Mall in Markham, ON a suburb of Toronto is a mall with all Chinese stores and restaurants.Pacific Mall is surrounded by an existing shopping plaza, including the Market Village, and together they encompass over 500 stores and are served by both indoor and outdoor parking areas with over 1,500 parking spaces combined. It has two floors and an underground level that leads to an underground parking lot.

Pacific Mall first opened its doors for business in 1997. Its Cantonese name, “太古廣場” (Tai Gu Gwong Cheung), is derived from Pacific Place in Hong Kong. The mall has a total of 270,000 square feet (25,000 m2) of retail space. Pacific Mall incorporates a traditional Pacific-style market. The clinic and dentist’s office are on the second floor, along with an area containing many shops and restaurants. The corridors of the main floor are named after streets in Hong Kong; this is where the majority of shops are located, and any major events take place.

As an official Canadian Tourist Attraction, the mall is exempt from the Retail Business Holiday Act and is open year-round including statutory holidays. Pacific Mall also hosts festivals and celebrations for the community.

Every summer the diverse communities hold street festivals celebrating their roots in an environment that fosters diverse inclusiveness.

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival, formerly and still commonly called Caribana, is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions held each summer in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a Caribbean Carnival event, that has been billed as North America’s largest street festival, frequented by over 1.3 million visitors each year for the festival’s final parade and an overall attendance of 2 million.

Toronto Pride Parade – Canada’s Largest Gay Pride Celebration an annual event –

oronto hosted its annual Pride honouring the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marched in the Parade as well becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister to do so. The parade also included a brief sit-in by the Black Lives Matter protesters, stopping the event for 30 minutes.

Toronto Indy – annual open wheel motor car race (Formula I)

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