Hard to get On; Easy to get Off ca16x11!

inkwellPersons on a crisis list waiting to be placed in a Long Term Care facility in Ontario are dropped off the list if hospitalized. The result, more delay in finding a placement. The reason for a crisis list is that there is a general waiting list to be placed in a Long Term Care Facility in Ontario.Research for a book and practical necessity forced me into becoming self informed about the government process (bureaucracy) for getting placed in an Ontario Long Term Care facility [LTC]. A relative of advanced age with progressively more severe health issues was placed on a crisis waiting list to be placed in a LTC facility. People on a crisis list trump the regular waiting list members due to their circumstances. This relative developed a crisis medical issue requiring transport to hospital and a week stay to manage and stabilize the condition. There after she was released and sent home. Upon arrival at home, we were informed that she had been taken off the crisis list for LTC facility placement and we had to apply for placement back on the crisis list. The appointment for the case worker to reassess and fill out the forms took another 10 days.

Everyone questioned about the logic and wisdom of removing one from a crisis list upon entering hospital had no answer. The universal response was “illogical bureaucracy”. There are three failure in this example. First failure to communicate to family that the patient had been dropped from the crisis list, and thus had been kicked out of the system. Two, failure to communicate the logic for the process. Three, having assessed the need to be on a crisis list initially, money is wastefully spent on reassessments and further paper work to take and put one on the crisis list. Prospective residents of LTC facilities have 24 hours to accept a placement once one becomes available. If one rejects, they get bumped out of the system for at least 3 months. Out of the system means reapplying for home care and getting on a LTC waiting list , critical or otherwise.

In the absence of a logical reason for dropping a hospitalized patient from a crisis list for LTC facility placement, I see more logic in leaving them on the list until a LTC facility vacancy is available, giving 24 hours to accept or reject the vacancy. If the patient cannot be released from hospital, then the vacancy is deemed rejected and the patient comes off the crisis list. Just a thought!~