Canada Hosts G8 and G20 Summit

inkwellThe big question is whether spending $1.1 billion dollars on a weekend chat among global “mucky mucks” is a wise investment. I use the term investment over expense deliberately, for there is a payback. Hosting the event is Canada’s turn and it’s the price of the seat at the table. Every member gets their turn.

The sphere of influence, the notoriety, the “Branding” that the seat at the table creates has a huge positive impact on the participant counties’ ability to influence their trade, tourism and political ambitions. Questioning these expenses is like questioning expenses in the realm of cultural expenditures; for the arts, theater, conservation, and the like. While there isn’t an immediate direct payback to these huge expenditures for security, the benefits are none the less there.

In addition, it’s important to continue these events to show global society and those hell bent on disrupting such global interactions, that detractor efforts are not going to win out and deter and disrupt. The substantive results of these get together “global chit chats” is less important than actually having them.

It is true that the expense of hosting these events is getting out of control, much like the cost of hosting Olympics, World Fares and the like. No body is talking about doing away with these events. The discussion needs to focus on how the needed high level of security can be provided at a more cost effective level.

Regrettably, this is one of the costs associated with a “free” society. As we all know, nothing is “Free”; not even “free”. Hopefully by the time its Canada’s turn again to host such an event, the cost controls for security will have been advanced to levels that allow more palatable event investment levels. ~