inkwellIf the truth be known, women have the capacity to alter mood like Camellians change camouflage at a rate faster than a speeding bullet. At one moment a woman can be an adoring mother or a sultry companion. The next moment she could be a torrent of rage hell bent on reeling havoc befitting a Ninja warrior. The adoring and sultry characteristic is inherent; the Camellian like change is causal whose source is not always readily apparent. While it can or could be a simple as hormonal, and one who has lived in a house of three daughters and where the label “bitch” was not the dog’s exclusive domain, I get it. Suppose though that you harbor guilt over something; real or imaginary. You’re never going to be quite sure of the genesis for that rage. But its coming right at you. Is it a hormonal source or something you have done, or not done.

The source of a woman’s rage that’s most difficult to gauge stems from a complex or perhaps a compound set of sources. Let me explain. A low level simple irritant might be purely a monthly hormonal event in which case you lay low for a couple of days until the storm passes. On the other side of the storm, the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and all is good. Another simple irritant might be that you forgot to put the garbage out two times in a row. Again, lay low, apologize and before you know it all is good.

By comparison, a high level, but simple cause that triggers the Ninja to unsheathe her rage is the day you forgot the first anniversary, be it your wedding day, her birthday or some other obscure event close to her heart, which in your mind may not have been significant enough to remember. You know the Earth and Mars syndrome. The remedy for this kind of rage usually involves “begging and pleading” and buying chocolates, flowers and a calendar.

It is the complex, and compound high level irritants that culminate into huge cause for rage whose ingredients have stewed and cooked over a period of time. These you need to avoid at all cost. So what set of irritants, low or high level that can be judged as complex or compound. Pay close attention.

Take a number of low level “forgotten dates” compounded by playing pool with the boys Stealth fighterinstead of attending the long planned Jack and Jill event for you sister in-law. Add to that a talking to you get in the car driving somewhere about the list of missed chores you promised to attend to just as she finds a lipstick tube in the glove box of your car that is clearly not her shade. To boot, this all happens on the estrogen starved first day of the month. You become absolutely catatonic at the sight of the lipstick tube to the point where you almost run a red light. Waiting for the light to change you are trapped. Quiet, apart from the sound of her heavy breathing and steam emanating from her ears. With an accusatory stare, she waits for what she has already decided was going to be a BS explanation. Then, what really, really puts her over the top is that you didn’t disappoint. You came up with an totally unbelievable diatribe of an explanation.

Not only did you put her in a foul mood with some otherwise petty misdemeanors, you commit the holy grail of insults, that of infidelity. After all that, you get caught on the worst day of the month, and then insult her intelligence with a BS explanation. If this isn’t a complex set of low and high level irritants, I don’t know what is. Then you commit the cardinal sin of all which puts the complex into a compound category of volcanic magnitude. Out of guilt, you admit to the infidelity. There you have it. The perfect storm.

You have awakened the killer instinct of the Ninja, hell bound on revenge. It’s bad enough that it ends your relationship, fleeces you financially, but no that is not nearly enough. No not nearly!!!

This is the type of rage you could stur, so take heed.~