Your Computer screen freezes! Bells go off and sirens go off as it there is an imminent nuclear attack! A voice in a loud authoritative voice tells you NOT TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER! YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED WITH A VIRUS. Call Microsoft Technical staff at the number below to help you remove the virus.

If you panic and call the number they will turn off the bells whistles flashing for a FEE. All you have to do is pay, $100, $200 or more via credit card. This is a SCAM from Pakistan or Bangladesh. If you do pay, you will likely get a second call, saying their company is going out of business and the US government is forcing them to refund your money. This is SCAM 2.0. If you don not react to their satisfaction they will threaten to hit your credit card again.

So how do you avoid scam ? Here are the simple steps.

  1. Don’t panic, Turn off/down the sound to your computer.
  2. DON’T  call the number. It is NOT Microsoft or Windows.
  3. If you are not familiar with computers, shut down the computer and give it to friend, relative to try to fix it. If all else fails take it to a GEEK squad at your local computer store. If you are somewhat computer savy do the following.

Read up on the type of scam it is and try through search engines to find a removal set of instructions that you can do yourself. Here are a number of sites that can get you started.

Most important is NOT TO PANIC!~


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